Millennial homebuyers are a big part of the home-buying market. While they’ve gotten a late start in homeownership compared to previous generations, there is now a significant uptick in the number of house hunters who identify as millennials.

This new group of homebuyers requires unique tactics when it comes to marketing yourself to them as a REALTOR®. If you’ve been in the biz for a long time, your old tricks might not work on millennials.

Use these tips to market yourself as a real estate resource to millennial homebuyers.

Be Comfortable Texting During Off-Hours

Millennial house hunters are going to expect you to use text as a means of communication. That doesn’t mean that calling is out the window, but millennials prefer texting to get quick information at their convenience. Not every question requires a long conversation — millennials see that as a time suck.

You even may want to change your working hours slightly to be available to answer questions after 5 p.m. Millennials are busy and work long hours. When they do find the time to connect with you, you want to be sure that you’re available to them.

Be Active on Social Media

Millennials are like no other generation in that they get the bulk of their news online — even through social media. These days, you can follow all kinds of news outlets to get quick updates about what’s going on in the world. Being active on social media is the perfect way to get in front of millennial homebuyers. Post about your listings, open houses, successes, goings-on in your office and more. Keep the content varied and interesting. Millennials will follow you. They are used to following the businesses they frequent, such as hair salons, restaurants and local bands.

Provide Reliable Reviews

Since the internet is inundated with reviews, millennials know they can’t trust all of them. That’s why you need to provide reviews in more than just a written format. If you can get a past client to submit a video testimonial, it will come off as much more authentic than a written review that could have been faked easily.

Not only that, but make sure your business website as well as your Facebook and LinkedIn pages have verifiable reviews.

Be an Educational Resource

A great way to promote yourself to millennials is to be a real estate resource for them; position yourself as a voice of authority in the industry to increase your clout and gain their trust.

Millennials spend money on experiential learning, so give them just that. You can host events at your office or at a bar as a networking opportunity for newcomers to the area to get to know their local real estate agent. Or you can offer first-time homebuyer classes in person or online. Try offering a free webinar on buying a home and asking for a small donation or charging for any follow-up webinars. This gives your audience a taste for the kind of expert advice you can offer and will make them more apt to pay for this type of content the next time around.

Be Consistent With Your Real Estate Newsletter

One of the best ways to stay top of mind with homebuyers from every generation is through consistently reaching out with your email newsletter. Millennials in particular are used to this kind of communication from businesses. Chances are they subscribe to lots of newsletters from companies they value.

Providing bimonthly eNewsletters featuring great content about real estate news and trends will give you an edge with millennial homebuyers. If you don’t have your own real estate newsletter yet, read here for everything you need to get started.

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