Read Readers’ Minds with Interactive Surveys

Tracking what your audience clicks on and reads is one great way to know their minds. But so is just asking them!

Automatically included with every article


HomeActions automatically add basic survey questions to the closing of each of your articles – even your custom content. Stock questions include:


  • Is this article valuable to you?
  • Is this item worth sharing with others?
  • Can you see this item helping you with home ownership?
  • Do you know someone thinking of selling or buying a home?
  • Are you thinking about buying or selling a home?
  • Additional comments…
Or Ask Your Own Custom Questions


The HomeActions platform gives you the ability to ask customized questions of your own, anytime you want. And you can create survey questions in a range of formats, such as rating scales, yes/no, multiple choice, or plain text submissions

And Turn Survey Responses into Warm Leads!


Every time one of your contacts completes a survey, we’ll email you a real-time notification (or daily digest if you prefer) with their responses plus contact info. That way, if it’s a warm lead you can follow up immediately. You can also track your entire survey response history, at any time, within our reporting and metrics dashboard.