Grow Your Real Estate Business by the Numbers

How often have you paid to do some form of marketing and had little to no idea of the results? Not with HomeActions. Our dashboard gives you full metrics transparency.

Intel You Can Act On


We empower you with intelligence data on every member of your email marketing database. We can show you who opened your email newsletter, which articles they clicked and when the articles were read. We give you meaningful, easy to understand reports and metrics that help you track your results and hone your campaigns.

Get All the Data You Need

Get Full Visibility


Our reporting tools in your HomeActions dashboard will show you detailed data, such as:


  • Snapshot Reports – A summary of launch results
  • Recipient activity – An overview of who opened, clicked, etc.
  • Opens & Clicks Over Time – Time of day and dates associated with reader activity
  • Member Feedback – An overview of members who responded to article feedback
  • Bounce Summary – A look at who didn’t receive your launch and why
  • Survey Responses – Reporting on customized or built-in article surveys
  • Trigger Articles – Quickly see all who triggered opportunity alerts
  • Unsubscribe Activity – View those who unsubscribed from your marketing
  • Digital Marketing Z-score Reports – Comprehensive (and confidential) benchmarking statistics comparing your digital marketing efforts to other HomeActions users
Track and Manage Opportunities


The HomeActions platform comes equipped with a Pipeline Management System to identify, message, track and manage opportunities on an individual subscriber basis, all in one place – so you can quickly and easily connect with contacts based on their activity.

Track engagement by contact


Our database tracks every interaction generated by your HomeActions newsletters and OnTarget Email Blasts for every member of your database. That allows you to drill down and see click activity for each subscriber… and pull out the warm leads from them.

Prospect and follow-up all in one place


Our Pipeline Management System empowers you to create follow up messages and track correspondence with your leads right from within the member list of your HomeActions Dashboard. You can:


  • Look up contact information
  • Create tasks
  • Enter notes
  • Compose and send messages
  • Log phone calls
  • View all click activity and saved articles associated with each member


Get a quick overview of all your opportunity generation and customer relationship management tasks, and track and manage your business relationships, and the marketing data associated with them, all from one centralized platform.

Gauge How Well You’re Doing with Benchmark Reports

Each month we provide you with The Digital Marketing Z-Score Report to reveal how your HomeActions digital marketing efforts are performing. Using an advanced algorithm, it blends key statistics, such as number of contacts, open rates, click rates, trigger articles and more into a single Digital Marketing Z-Score on a 10-point scale.


We can then benchmark your performance against all other HomeActions users or by region. If you’re performing on par or overperforming versus others – great. But if for some reason we find you are underperforming, we can help you uncover the reason… and fix it!