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Get An Exclusive Real Estate Marketing Database Built For You

Our expert representatives can help you export your email contacts from multiple sources, clean up your contact list, and eliminate bad email addresses. We then protect your contacts, ensuring each one is exclusively yours so no other HomeActions™ user can launch a competing newsletter to your contacts.

Let Us Help Make Your Real Estate Email Newsletter Beautiful

We’ll create your newsletter graphics and build your template for you. Our team will give you custom design options and get your real estate newsletter set up just the way you want it. We follow your brand specifications to craft a professional-looking newsletter you’ll be proud of. 

Real Estate Articles That Become Your Conversation-Starters

Start delivering unique interactive real estate articles which give your readers hyper-local data about their neighborhood or areas they may be researching. This interactive content is equipped to deliver you detailed lead alerts every time a reader is curious about a home value or neighborhood.

Create Warmer Opportunities With Built-in Real Estate Lead Generation

Let your leads come right to you with HomeActions™ automated lead generation features. Our Trigger Articles, interactive content, customizable article surveys, lead scoring feature and real estate pipeline management tools work together to deliver your warmest leads right into your hands.


Stay in front of your database consistently so your contacts do not forget who their real estate agent is when they are ready to buy or sell.

Bi-weekly Real Estate Email Newsletters Sent in 2020

Opportunities for Follow-up Generated

Professionally Written Real Estate Marketing Articles

“This product is well worth the investment. Immediately after my first email newsletter release, I received phone calls and emails from contacts about helping them buy or list. Each time a newsletter is sent I receive compliments about the useful content. I even cancelled the platform I had been using previously because I felt this was a better bang for the buck.”
Adam C.

Michael Saunders & Company

What Your Real Estate Newsletter Can Do For You

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We Help With Design And Setup

Our team provides you with graphics and setup assistance to create a branded email newsletter that’s all your own.

We Build Your Database

We’ll work with you to collect and organize all your contacts into one centralized, trackable digital marketing database.

Lead Trigger Articles

In every newsletter, the first article asks your clients, “Is this your situation?” This article contains a built-in Lead Trigger specially designed and written to automatically alert you every time a buyer or seller may be about to enter the market.


With Neighborhood360 Interactive Content integrated right into your email newsletter, you’ll always know when one of your contacts is interested in learning about a local neighborhood while researching properties.

Automated Valuation Model (AVM)

HomeActions Automated Valuation Model (AVM) tool is a special hyper-local feature of your email newsletter that helps agents market themselves with data-driven consumer engagement.

Standard Automated Content with Every Launch

HomeActions™ professionally written real estate articles launch automatically with each edition of your email newsletter so you’ll never have to worry about what to say in your next launch.

Help People Connect with You by Featuring Your Contact Info & Social Media

Your newsletter features a contact information section with links to your social media that acts like your electronic business card, routing interested buyers and sellers to your phone number, email and office location.
HomeActions Real Estate Email Newsletter Feature Tour

Real Estate Print Newsletters for REALTOR® Marketing

Did you know that HomeActions™ now offers print newsletter options for real estate agents? If you’re looking to deliver professional-looking door-to-door printed newsletters, we have solutions for you.

The HomeActions™ Home Report Real Estate Print Newsletter