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The HomeActions platform was built from the ground up with the needs of real estate professionals in mind. Our affordable email marketing platform delivers the features you need to get more leads, generate sales and measure your results. We also do the hard part for you. We help you gather your contacts and get your first list uploaded, we write articles for your newsletter, we automatically launch your newsletter for you and we track all your results.


With Organize-IT, you can continue to focus on the job at hand: real estate. We know that many real estate professionals are more focused on buying and selling properties than technology. That’s why our customer support team helps you collect and upload email addresses across multiple email and social media platforms, including AOL, Comcast, Gmail, Outlook, Facebook, LinkedIn, and many others. This process enables you to gather your entire sphere of influence and centralize your contacts into one trackable marketing tool.

Integrated Social Tools

Whether you’re a social media newcomer or a long-time expert, your HomeActions newsletter provides you with quality content to share on your social networks. You can repurpose content from any of your HomeActions email newsletters by posting it, with one click, to your social sites. Maximize your newsletter readership, and get more out of your social media presences, when you share timely, relevant, educational content that keeps your contacts informed about important issues affecting their homes, properties and neighborhoods.

Dedicated Support Team

In this day and age, when finding good customer service is almost impossible, HomeActions prides itself on hiring the friendliest and most knowledgeable staff to provide support to REALTORS®. Our dedicated Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) will help you get your HomeActions program customized just the way you want it and will be there to answer questions seven days a week. We also offer an easy automated help feature in our platform that lets users follow along step-by-step as the tool gives interactive answers to questions.

Reporting And Analytics

How many times have you sent batches of emails to clients (or even to other REALTORS®) and wondered if your messages got through? It can be kind of hit or miss, right? Not with HomeActions. We empower you with data intelligence on your membership. We can show you who opened your newsletter, which articles they clicked and when the articles were read. We give you meaningful, easy to understand metrics that help you track your results.

We Deliver Content

Our Content Library gives you access to hundreds of professionally written articles covering dozens of topics from Urban and Luxury Living, to Adult Communities, Shore and Vacation Homes, and more so you can customize your HomeActions email newsletters to target your desired markets.

Our Lead Trigger articles allow you to choose specially written articles that indicate when your readers are about to enter the market as home buyers or sellers. When a Lead Trigger article is read, you’ll receive an email alert detailing who read the article, how to contact them and what was read. Now you can be the first REALTOR® to contact prospects when they are about to enter the market.

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Real Estate Marketing Content

Customizable, Branded Newsletters


The flexible design options in our system allow you to match your newsletter to your brand and make it all your own. Choose the colors, graphics, logos, headshots and other brand elements from your website or blog. If you don’t have a website, we can help you develop a new brand for you to build upon. One of our Customer Support Representatives will assist you in getting your account customized to your specifications.

Interactive Content and Leads

Give yourself Neighborhood360 Interactive Content and get leads every time one of your readers uses this feature to research a local property.

Your readers may simply type in an address to receive an overview of estimated property value based on local data, as well as additional information, such as:

  • A sampling of recent sales in the area
  • Cost-of-living data
  • Commuting information
  • Detailed school reports
  • A list of local restaurants, gyms, and other local resources
  • And much more…

PLUS – you get LEADS every time your readers access this resource!

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Neighborhood360 Real Estate Lead Generation Tool
HomeActions OnTarget Email Blasts

OnTarget Email Blast Feature

OnTarget is an email blast tool that allows you to send up to 10,000 email communications per month to your contacts between your regular newsletter launches, anytime you want. This feature allows you to send time-sensitive special announcements, news or updates, such as:

  • Open house event announcements
  • Virtual tour notices
  • Brand new listings
  • E-cards

You won’t need to be an email designer or marketing genius to make OnTarget work. We’ll do the hard part for you. Your OnTarget messages are pre-formatted to automatically include your newsletter’s graphics, website links, social media links and contact information. We’ll also automatically track every link in the body of your OnTarget email in your reporting dashboard so you can follow the results of your launches.

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