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Use Email Marketing to Show Clients You’re Thankful

October 21, 2020

How can you use email marketing to show your clients that you appreciate them? Here are three ways to send a big “thank you” to the heartbeat of your business.

1. Start with a Personable Greeting in Your Subject Line

The subject line of your message is the first thing your clients see. Why not make it a bit fun? While a subject line may seem like a small element of your email, it is one of the very first impressions you can make.

Interesting email subject lines will compel your readers to open your message. They can also create a warm impression on your clients.

Here are some ideas for next month’s subject lines:

  • Good Gravy, We’re So Thankful for You!
  • November Updates With a Cranberry on Top
  • Our Clients Are What Makes Us Thankful This Thanksgiving Season
  • November Tips So Good, You’ll Want Second Helpings
  • Before You Enter Into a Food-Coma, Check Our November News
  • Happy Turkey Day! Gobble Up These Updates from Us
  • We’re Thankful to Be Delivering You Your November Updates
  • 5 Delicious November Articles For You to Feast Upon
  • Cooking Up Some Tasty November Updates from Us to You

2. Create Personal Connections With Email Marketing

Thanksgiving is a good time to highlight philanthropic activities, office events or even your staff’s favorite family recipes.

A simple “thank you” to your clients for doing business with you is nice, but why not give a little extra as well? Tap into your newsletter marketing to highlight your office’s Thanksgiving staff festivities. Feature your office’s Thanksgiving party highlights in your next newsletter.

Show how much you care about your community by featuring local food pantry drives, turkey dinner giveaways, or other charitable involvement. You could even partner with key clients who are in the charitable spirit by offering to match their donations in an effort to become “charity partners.”

If your staff members are willing, you could also share your team’s favorite family secret Thanksgiving recipes as a fun way to connect with your readers and give them a little something extra in your November communications.

3. Offer Black Friday Specials To Show How Thankful You Are

Nothing makes a client feel more appreciated than a “clients only” exclusive discount or offer. Consider putting a thankful spin on Black Friday deals for clients accessing ancillary service offerings. Your existing clients will feel special if you thank them for their business and offer them a discount on additional services during the holiday season. Remember to create a sense of urgency in your offers by including an expiration date.

November is the perfect time to tap into the Thanksgiving spirit and boost the appeal of your communications by letting your clients know how grateful you are for them. Incorporate a bit of festive charm into your messages this month to show clients how much you care.

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