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Reduce Your Real Estate Marketing Costs By Advertising With Local Vendors

You recommend lenders, home inspectors, electricians, landscaping companies and many other home service providers every day.
Why not give the businesses you refer an opportunity to be featured as preferred service providers in your email newsletter?
Through a brand new integration with our new business partner RevinSite, we are now offering you the opportunity to alleviate a portion of your newsletter marketing costs by partnering with local service providers to advertise in your newsletter and a new Service Provider Online Directory.
This new program is totally optional, and there is on obligation for our clients to participate. Many of our clients have asked us to offer digital ad placement opportunities in their newsletter, and this new integration is in response to that demand.
Here’s how it works:

Add up to 10 of your preferred service providers to the portal in your HomeActions Dashboard at a time.


We take over from there. The only work for you is to provide us with a list of your preferred vendors, and we do the rest.


We will contact your preferred service providers on your behalf to offer them ad placement opportunities.


Service providers can submit ads and payment through secure access to your portal.


You'll receive a portion of the advertising revenue.


Your preferred service providers will be featured through ads in your newsletters. PLUS they will also be listed among a group of your preferred service providers on a web page that you can share to your social media sites, websites or anywhere online.

HomeActions Works With RevinSite To Help Agents Partner With Local Vendors And Share Marketing Costs
We’re excited to offer this brand new advertising feature! The above image is a mock-up for demonstration purposes. Your newsletter may vary slightly from this example.

Your Preferred Service Providers Can Benefit From Your Real Estate Newsletter

Consider all the local service providers you recommend to your clients every day and invite them to start advertising in your newsletter:

Professional Service Providers

  • Bookkeeping & Small Business Accounting
  • CPA Firms
  • Financial Institutions
  • Insurance Companies
  • Law Firms
  • Lenders
  • Payroll Companies
  • Any Other Professional Service Provider

Home Service Providers

  • Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning
  • Handymen & Repair Services
  • Heating & A/C Specialists
  • Home Security Providers
  • Home Staging Services
  • Landscaping Design & Services
  • Painting for Interior & Exterior
  • Pest Control / Exterminating
  • Any Other Home Service Provider

Your Own Service Provider Online Directory

Feature A Preferred Service Providers List That You Can Refer To Clients

This program also gives you the opportunity to create an unlimited directory of all your favorite businesses.

The program comes at no additional cost to you, but for just $10 per month each your preferred service providers can access placement among your exclusive group of favorite providers.

Now when your clients ask you for a list of preferred service providers, you’ll have an easy way to share this information with others while also collecting additional revenue from those who wish to advertise on your service providers’ directory.

RevinSite advertising integration

Your Potential Advertising Income

There is no limit to the number of service providers who may participate in your program. Advertisers may be any combination of home services providers and professional service providers.
Your advertisers can either be a part of your newsletter marketing, including placement on your Preferred Service Providers Directory, or they may choose a more affordable option to only be listed on your Preferred Service Providers Directory without newsletter placement.
Earn Income From Your Real Estate Newsletter Ads
When your service providers purchase ads in your newsletter or online directory, you receive a portion of the revenue.

20% of the ad revenue goes to our business partner RevinSite, 40% goes to HomeActions and 40% goes directly to you. You may receive enough advertising revenue to cover the cost of your newsletter marketing or even start generating income. Here are some examples of what you could be earning:

Two Home Service Providers

At $25 Per Month Each

= $240 Annual Revenue For You

Two Professional Service Providers

At $50 Per Month Each

= $480 Annual Revenue For You

Four Service Providers

2 Professionals At $50 Per Month + 2 Home Service Providers At $25 Per Month

= $720 Annual Revenue For You

Four Service Providers Plus Five Online Directory Subscribers

2 Professionals At $50 Per Month + 2 Home Service Providers At $25 Per Month + 5 Online Directory Subscribers at $10 Per Month

= $960 Annual Revenue For You

It Just Makes Sense To Allow Vendor Ads In Your Email Newsletter

Affordable Local Advertising For Your Preferred Service Providers

At just $30 per month for text-based ads, $50 to $125 per month for image ads, and $12.50 per month for online directory advertising, your digital marketing offers your stamp of approval on businesses who advertise through your newsletter.

Cover A Portion - Or All - Of Your Marketing Costs

The optional advertising integration function in your newsletter is totally FREE for you. Plus, a portion of your ad sales comes right back to you. With just four participating service providers, you could easily start covering your digital marketing costs through ad placement.

Give Your Preferred Service Providers A Unique Marketing Opportunity

Show your favorite service providers some love by giving them an opportunity to get in front of your sphere of influence. Your service providers will be positioned in front of your contacts through hyper-local advertising.

Feature A Preferred Service Providers List That You Can Refer To Clients

Have your clients ever asked you for your list of preferred service providers? Now you have an easy way to share your favorites! As part of this program, you’ll have a unique URL to share which lists all service providers participating in your advertising.

Sign Up For The HomeActions RevinSite Ad Program Today

Fill out the form here, and we’ll get you started. We’ll make sure to activate this TOTALLY FREE feature as part of your subscription to the HomeActions digital marketing platform.

Totally FREE and optional feature


Utilize your newsletter as a way to help advertise preferred service providers to your entire sphere of influence


Great way to help cover marketing costs


An opportunity to start making additional income through ad placement

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