Get Opportunities delivered right to you with the HomeActions Neighborhood360 feature.

With Neighborhood360 Interactive Content integrated right into your email newsletter, you’ll always know when one of your contacts is interested in learning about a local neighborhood while researching properties. You’ll get notified in real time (or in a daily digest) every time your readers complete the Neighborhood360 request form. This interactive email marketing tool helps you read the minds of your entire sphere of influence by connecting you with meaningful warm opportunities.

How Your Readers Will Be Using Neighborhood360:

It’s easy for your newsletter readers to use. Readers just type in an address to receive hyper-local neighborhood information, such as:

  • Local demographics
  • Cost-of-living data
  • Transportation and commute times
  • Detailed school reports
  • Local restaurants, gyms and establishments
  • And much more!

How You Can Use Neighborhood360:

  • Offer your clients additional information when they are considering a home purchase
  • Leverage an additional opportunity tool that helps you obtain new listings
  • Post a link offering additional information about the neighborhood surrounding listings on your website
  • Obtain engagements through your HomeActions email newsletter by reviewing who accessed a Neighborhood360 report and why

We’ll notify you in real time (or in a daily digest) with an email or text alert every time your readers access this information.

The HomeActions Neighborhood360 feature, offered in partnership with Onboard Informatics, uses proprietary software to issue relevant information based on the latest local data.

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CLICK HERE to view HomeActions Neighborhood360 email newsletter content for real estate agents.
CLICK HERE to view HomeActions Neighborhood360 email newsletter content for real estate agents.

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