With HomeActions University, we give you the tools you need to run a successful newsletter. These short lessons are packed with helpful information to show you how to get the most out of HomeActions.

Design and Setup

We walk you through creating a newsletter that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Utilizing Leads

We show you how to manage and utilize the leads you obtain with your HomeActions newsletter.

Social Media Sharing

We walk you through how to add your newsletter content to your social media pages.

Article Setup

We teach you how to set up newsletter articles, including new listings.

HomeActions University Tutorials

Check out our series of HomeActions University tutorial videos for quick tips on how to maximize the quality of your newsletter.

Lesson 1

How to Be More Successful With HomeActions

Lesson 2

Email Newsletter Makeovers

Lesson 3

Follow Up With Leads Using MLS Script

Lesson 4

Adding NEW Listings to Your Email Newsletter

Lesson 5

Leveraging the Content Library to Enhance Your Newsletter

Lesson 6

Sharing HomeActions Content on Social Media

Lesson 7

Changing Up Subject Line and Email Greeting

Lesson 8

Adding Referral Banners

Lesson 9

Adding New Members

Lesson 10

Links In Your Email Newsletter

Lesson 11

Changing the layout of your newsletter

Lesson 12

Trigger Articles

Lesson 13

Adding Your Newsletter to Your Email Signature

Lesson 14

Changing the Launch Date

Lesson 15

Engagement Report

Lesson 16

Opportunity Report

Lesson 17

Dedicated Marketing Assistants In Support

Lesson 18

Upcoming Newsletters

Lesson 19

Adding a “What’s My Home Worth” Banner

Lesson 20

OnTarget Email Blast

Lesson 21

Adding Video To Your Newsletter

Lesson 22

Upload New List

Lesson 23

Review Past Lessons

Lesson 24

Adding Holiday Banners

Lesson 25

Masthead Image

Lesson 26

Exporting with Support

Lesson 27

Email Greeting

Lesson 28

Subject Line

Lesson 29

Selling Trigger Articles

Lesson 30

Getting Emails On Thanksgiving

Lesson 31

Buyer Trigger Articles

Lesson 32

Earn 3 FREE Months of HomeActions

Lesson 33

Holiday Articles

Lesson 34

Unsubscribing a Contact

Lesson 35

Frequency of Newsletter

Lesson 36

Previewing Your Newsletter

Lesson 37

Recipes in the Content Library

Lesson 38

Your Testimonials

Lesson 39

Repurpose Content on Social Media

Lesson 40

Happy Valentines Day Article

Lesson 41

Update Your Template

Lesson 42

Social Media Links

Lesson 43

Add More Emails

Lesson 44

Survey Responses

Lesson 45

Lets Get Creative

Lesson 46

Stay Focused

Lesson 47

Email Marketing in Today’s World

Lesson 48

Coronavirus Articles

Lesson 49

Promoting Your Message Through Video

Lesson 50

Alerts On Articles

Lesson 51

Power Agent 360 Program

Lesson 52

Happy Mother’s Day Article

Lesson 53

Content Library

Lesson 54

Review Past Lessons

Lesson 55

Social Media Links

Lesson 56

Signup URL

Lesson 57

Ready To Sell Banners

Lesson 58

Promote Your Mobile App

Lesson 59

Marketing piece for your listing package

Lesson 60

Promote Local Businesses

Lesson 61

Content Library

Lesson 62

“Is This Your Situation?” Articles

Lesson 63

Referral Banner

Lesson 64

Adding NEW Contacts

Lesson 65

Your Zillow Profiles

Lesson 66

Just Listed

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