Real estate agents send the HomeActions e-newsletter twice a month to consumers within their sphere of influence to keep themselves top-of-mind when customers are ready to buy or sell a home.

“Agents find the HomeActions e-newsletter easy to use because it doesn’t require technical skills to get it set up and mailed out,” says HomeActions CEO Barry Friedman. “We upload email lists, write engaging news that homeowners can use and automatically mail an e-newsletter every two weeks, sending 2.2 million e-newsletters monthly.”

The e-newsletter positions the real estate agent as a genuine expert in:

  • Maximizing home value
  • Local real estate conditions
  • Homeowner advocacy

HomeActions’ clients are also able to customize the top article space in each issue to highlight local market news and observations, further building their credibility and highlighting their industry experience.

The e-newsletter’s flexible design options let Realtors® match the colors, graphics, logos and photographs of their independent or franchise brand.

While the e-newsletter is reaching more than 1.1 million unique consumers, exclusivity agreements prevent more than one agent from emailing the same customer.

The engaging HomeActions content focuses on maximizing home value, including home improvements and maintenance, consumer finance, taxes, insurance, décor, safety, community living issues and green living.

To maximize their visibility, agents can post the newsletter’s articles to social media sites with a single click.

Reporting analytics show how many e-newsletters are sent, who opened the issue, which articles they clicked on and when articles were read.

About HomeActions

HomeActions provides Realtors® a complete e-prospecting system to generate repeat and referral business, creating more listings, buyers and sales. The HomeActions system electronically delivers current, engaging e-newsletter content of interest to all homeowners, not just those actively buying or selling a home.


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