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HomeActions™ e-relationship platform is proud to be a new partner with JP & Associates®. Our goals are to help you get organized with a reliable and current database and to nurture those relationships with engaging interactive content.

HomeActions also delivers first-mover advantage to an agent by locking down email addresses so all enrolled contacts become exclusive to the agent. This means no competing brokerages or agents will have access to your exclusive contacts through HomeActions.

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“…I ran into a buyer who bought one of my listings about three years ago, and he mentioned that he received my newsletter! He liked the information included in it, and he said he’d see me in the spring when he plans to sell a rental property he owns in Sudbury. Good things happen when you keep in touch, and he wasn’t even my buyer!”

Lynn Murray

Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices - Stephan Real Estate, Real Estate Consultant

How HomeActions Generates Opportunities For You

We help agents generate more opportunities, more often with less effort through innovative digital marketing tools.

Real Estate Opportunities Automated Through Email Marketing

Trigger Articles

Every newsletter launched by the HomeActions platform automatically includes unique Trigger Articles in the very first article slot. These articles give you the crystal ball you’ve been looking for. They have been designed and written to pique the interest of potential buyers and sellers. Click-through activity on these articles gives you an automatic warm opportunity, or at a minimum a conversation starter. We’ll email or text you in real time when your readers click on these articles, plus we save all your Trigger Article click-through data in your Pipeline Management System. We also give you the ability to turn ANY article you want (even your own custom articles) into a Trigger Article with one simple step.
Real Estate Client Leads Generated By Interactive Content

Interactive Content

Another way we put your opportunity generation strategy on auto-pilot is through Interactive Content like our Neighborhood360 feature. With the Neighborhood360 feature integrated right into your email newsletter, you’ll always know when one of your contacts is interested in learning about a local neighborhood while researching properties. This email marketing tool helps you read the minds of your readers and connect with meaningful opportunities. This content is more than just an article, and readers can access their interactive options by completing a form. You’ll get notified in real time (or in a daily digest) every time your readers complete the form. Plus, you can also follow up with every Interactive Content opportunity through simple reporting tools.

Opportunities From Article Surveys

Every HomeActions article contains a survey in the closing. When readers interact with your built-in article surveys, you get new opportunities for follow-up. Viewing your survey responses through your Pipeline Management System shows:

  • Which questions are being answered
  • Who is responding to your surveys
  • Which articles your readers are responding to

Your Pipeline Management System also gives you the opportunity to reach out and follow up on survey response with just one click.

Access Survey Responses from Real Estate Newsletter Leads

I signed up for the HomeActions newsletter almost a year ago, and the response from my clients has been incredible. I’ve had two sales directly related to the HomeActions newsletter and a lot of positive feedback. The internal support is excellent; your sales team has been so helpful and informative. HomeActions is a fantastic marketing tool. I highly recommend this service!

Leslee Winston

Broker Associate, Benoit Mizner Simon & Co. Real Estate

Albert Clark

Albert Clark


Albert Clark is the President of HomeActions, LLC™. He oversees industry alliances, directs content selection and manages the sales force. With nearly 20 years of experience in homeowner advocacy, Albert has managed advocacy campaigns and built industry coalitions with organizations such as The National Association of REALTORS®, Mortgage Bankers Association, The National Association of Homebuilders, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. He received a commendation by President Clinton for his involvement in the President’s National Homeownership Strategy. From a technology standpoint, Albert has always been on the cutting edge of technology.

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