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Get your new listings out first with Just Listed email messages.

Be the first real estate professional to announce your new listings to your contacts with Just Listed email messages.

Postcards are great marketing tools, but they are not fast. Just Listed is a simple email tool that equips you to send virtual new listing announcements right away.

Get The First-Mover Advantage

We’ll help you quickly create and distribute a customized, branded email message. Moving fast, and moving first, can also help you get both sides of the sale.

Harness The Power Of HomeActions & zipLogix™

With innovative technology, developed through a partnership with HomeActions and zipLogix™, you now have a simple and affordable way to quickly get the word out about new listings.

Concierge-level Customer Support

Plus, our friendly, knowledgeable Customer Support Team will be on-hand to walk you through every step.

Here’s How Just Listed Messages Work:

Our goal is to build and send your Just Listed email within 24 to 48 hours of receiving your information. If you are a returning customer, the process will likely go more quickly because we will already have your database built for you. This fast-launch process is what we call your first-mover advantage, helping you get the word out about new listings before all other agents. Moving fast can also help you earn the second side of the sale.

Affordable Options

Choose a one-time message send, or save when you access unlimited packages at monthly, annual or 3-year rates. If you’re a returning or existing customer, we’ll waive the initial setup fee for you.

Easy Setup & Review

Once we gather your information, our Customer Support Team will build your database of contacts. Our team will also set up your email template with graphics and text based on the information provided. We then send you a preview before for review and approval before it launches to your contacts.

Metrics, Reporting & Engagement Alerts

You also have the ability to track message sends, opens and clicks with the reporting tools available in the HomeActions platform. In addition to detailed reports, we send you real-time email alerts informing you of every new opportunity you generate.

Start Sending Your New Listing Emails Today

Choose one of the affordable options below to get started. After you choose your preferred package, a member of our team will contact you and start walking you through your quick and easy message setup.

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