Automated Valuation Model (AVM)

Get property valuation ranges and more instantly with the HomeActions Automated Valuation Model (AVM) feature, offered in partnership with Onboard Informatics.

HomeActions Automated Valuation Model (AVM) tool is a special hyper-local feature of your email newsletter that helps agents market themselves with data-driven consumer engagement.

  • INFO FOR YOUR READERS: Provide instant access to contacts interested in learning more about the estimated value of their own property or other properties.
  • PIPELINE ALERTS FOR YOU: Get notified in real time (or in a daily digest) every time your readers complete the AVM request form.
  • DETAILED FOLLOW-UP TOOLS: Obtain opportunities by reviewing an overview of who downloaded the AVM report and why.

The AVM tool, offered in partnership with Onboard Informatics, uses proprietary software to issue estimated values for a given property based on the latest local data.

Why Your Readers Will Love It

It’s simple to use. Your readers just type in an address to receive a fresh report of the estimated value of the property, as well as additional information, such as:
  • The median income for the neighborhood
  • A list of home sales in the area
  • Transportation information
  • School district information

Every agent that subscribes to HomeActions receives one FREE AVM opportunity per month. However, all newsletter readers will have full access to this information every time it is launched through an agent’s email newsletter.

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CLICK HERE to view HomeActions AVM email newsletter content for real estate agents.
CLICK HERE to view HomeActions AVM email newsletter content for real estate agents.


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