PowerAgent360 Program for Real Estate Marketing

HomeActions™ PowerAgent360 gives you the ability to leverage your real estate marketing to get your listings noticed by your entire sphere of influence.
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What HomeActions™ PowerAgent360 Does for Your Real Estate Marketing

HomeActions™ Power Agents work to consistently reach every one of their contacts with new listings, useful information about their local area, real estate insider information and homeownership tips so new listing stay on the minds of all their past clients, present clients, referral sources and others.

What does this mean for homeowners? We help agents position new listing in front of their sphere of influence on a regular basis, increasing the likelihood that a property will be seen.

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Gold-level PowerAgent360

Real estate professionals with 250 to 999 contacts in their database are given gold-level program access.

Platinum-level PowerAgent360

Real estate professional with over 1,000 contacts in their database are elevated to our platinum-level program.

A 360° Approach To Real Estate Marketing

Here’s what you’ll receive as part of the HomeActions™ PowerAgent360 program:

  • A gold or platinum badge icon to use in your marketing materials
  • A flyer you can use during new listing appointments to show clients how you’re helping them market their property
  • An enhanced HomeActions™ email newsletter that features your PowerAgent360 status
  • A whitepaper to guide your real estate email marketing growth

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