Frequently Asked Questions

My real estate company gives me a drip marketing service. How is HomeActions different?
HomeActions was designed to be an interactive service that takes into consideration home management and the needs of homeowners, not the narrow focus that many drip marketing platforms deliver, such as “time to buy now, while rates are low.” Most consumers can see that drip marketing is an auto-pilot campaign program with staged, pre-set content. HomeActions content is always fresh and relevant. Since we are always writing new content for you, and launching your newsletter for you on a regular basis, you’re far more likely to get new opportunities out of a HomeActions email newsletter than a do-it-yourself program.
An email newsletter every two weeks seems like a lot. Can I get monthly delivery?
Most of our real estate professionals opt for the every-two-week launch schedule, but monthly is also available. No matter how often you choose to launch (monthly or twice per month), you can be confident that your HomeActions newsletter will always contain relevant, late breaking items of importance to homeowners.
What does it mean to have exclusivity or exclusive members?

Exclusivity means that we don’t make our clients compete with one another. Once one of your contacts are in your HomeActions email program, they cannot be entered into another HomeActions database. This means that your contacts are unique to you, and your members will never see a competitor’s HomeActions newsletter.

Can I link members to my Web site from my newsletter?
Sure! In fact, you can build up to six links to other resources into your newsletter to ensure that your Web site, listings, and other online information is only a click away.
How will I know if the newsletter is working?
You can always see live metrics on your newsletter launches. We’ll show you “who got what, when, and what was clicked on” with up-to-the-minute results. You’ll also periodically see emails coming from your members simply saying, “Thank you for this article.” Additionally, our Lead Trigger articles automatically email you an alert when your members click on certain articles that demonstrate reader interest in buying or selling a property.
How does my newsletter work with social media?
HomeActions is designed to help you promote your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. You or your members can “One Click” any article and have it automatically uploaded to the media site of choice. When your newsletter articles are shared on social media, your branding rides will appear at the top of each article.
Can I send my articles over Twitter and other services?
Yes, your content is unrestricted, and all your articles can be shared to Twitter or any social network. Each article shared from your newsletter also has a distinct and “branded to you” URL, which can be short-coded.
What about bad email addresses?
Yes, we can help you manage bad email addresses. We have a smart bounce management system we can tell you about in detail. Just contact us.
Do you have an unsubscribe policy?
Yes, we CAN-SPAM Act compliant. We allow all your email newsletter members to unsubscribe at any point in the service.
While we are on the issue, what about privacy?
We understand that our model does not work without your involvement. We have an extensive Privacy Policy, but in short, we would never do anything to harm the relationship you have with your members. It’s that simple.
What If I run out of time and cannot write my own custom article?
Custom content is great! We encourage our customers to incorporate their own unique articles, but this is completely optional. If you run out of time, you can be sure your new, fresh HomeActions articles will always be ready to launch.
Can I include some ads in the newsletter and charge my local partners?
Yes, we allow you to include ads if you choose, and we can show you how to do that.
What If I decide to leave the program?
Although we’d hate to see you go, simply tell us you’d like to leave, and we will export your list of your members for you. Also kindly tell us why you are leaving so we can enhance our service experience.
Does your email get through better than when I send from my Outlook or Gmail?
Simply: YES! We have staff dedicated to ensuring we are “White Listed” on all of the major ISP’s. We constantly track changes in filters and spam blocking. HomeActions is powered by a completely new email platform that was built on top of 12+ years of email marketing experience which sends out over 2 million emails per month for other professionals.
Can my existing members offer an email newsletter subscription for their friends and neighbors?
Yes, there is a “Refer A Friend” tab on the newsletter. Also you can get access to a custom sign-up page branded specifically to you.
So, what we see now in your system features... Is that all you offer?
Certainly not! We’re thrilled to let you know that we are going to be rolling out many new enhancements that will offer even more value for you and your members. Stay tuned!


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