HomeActions Rolls Out Hometown Small Business Showcase to Howard Hanna Agents

The COVID-19 crisis has been tough on the economy–and particularly on small businesses. Now Howard Hanna agents can lead the way in supporting local businesses via a new collaboration with real estate newsletter platform HomeActions.

HomeActions‘ new Hometown Small Business Showcase feature lets Howard Hanna agents easily highlight a changing list of local businesses in their bi-weekly email newsletters.

“Small businesses are the lifeblood of the local economy,” says Albert Clark, President of HomeActions. “They create two-thirds of net new jobs and drive innovation and competitiveness. From the corner hardware store to a trendy new restaurant, we need to re-engage with our local family-owned businesses and help them recover.”

How It Works

To get started, Howard Hanna agents simply add the ‘Community Spotlight’ template in their HomeActions dashboard. From there, they can input a phone number, website, and description of each business they want to highlight. Agents can also email the data to the HomeActions support team and the staff will create the article for them.

Here are two real-world examples of what these articles look like:

Of the businesses he highlights, Howard Hanna agent Tom Kundmueller says, “These are my ‘faves’ — places that I visit frequently. Our small businesses need our patronage now more than ever as they are recovering.”

HomeActions delivers 6 million newsletters on behalf of real estate agents to consumers every month. Nearly 500 Howard Hanna agents subscribe to the platform, averaging 440 contacts per agent. Learn more at homeactions.net.

3 Things To Help Generate More New Opportunities

If you’d like your real estate email marketing to start bringing in more new opportunities, you’ll need to turn your messages into attention-getting emails full of click-worthy content.

Here are three quick tips to help you dazzle new prospects and keep existing clients enthralled.

1. Improve Your Subject Line

Before you can generate a lead, you’ll need to get readers to open your emails. The email subject line is your opportunity to make a good first impression in the inbox. Leverage it properly, and you’ll entice more readers to act on your messages.

Your email subject line should clearly address the needs of your readers in concise language. It should also convey the importance of your message.

Here are some subject line tips to encourage readership:

  • Explain the actual contents of your email newsletter (don’t pull a bait and switch with deceptive teasers)
  • Create a sense of urgency using deadlines, dates and actionable words
  • Use a personalization field to include your readers’ first names
  • Pull the title of a timely article or important update in your email newsletter and duplicate it as your email subject line
  • Ask questions and let readers know your newsletter provides the answer
  • Appeal to your valued readers by including phrasing that makes them feel exclusive, important, or as if they are part of a VIP inner-circle
  • Mention a numbered series of items that will be covered in your email, such as “5 Quick Tips” or “3 Ways to Improve”
  • On occasion, use seasonal themes and other fun subject lines to avoid a sense of stale repetition

Your subject line should always clearly represent what readers can actually expect to find in your email newsletter. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different subject line formats and tones. Watch your open rates to see which approaches are working the best for your messaging.

2. Send Click-worthy Content

Everything you include in your email marketing should have a subtle tie-in to your services. If you want your email marketing to resonate with your target audience, you’ll also need to offer content tailored to their needs and interests.

It can be challenging to strike a balance between communicating your value as a real estate agent while also offering insights to your readers. To accomplish this, consider your client success stories. Why did a recent client need your services? How did your services solve their problem? Were there any note-worthy takeaways from the experience? Answer these questions in an email article, and you’ll have the kind of click-worthy content that converts into new opportunities.

3. Don’t Let New Opportunities Go Cold

Once you have your prospects clicking on content, be sure to reach out to those who have shown interest in your articles. There are a few simple ways you can connect with warm prospects generated through your email marketing:

  1. Send a one-on-one follow-up email
  2. Review prospect click activity to gain insight into probable needs, and then give them a call to determine their level of interest in utilizing relevant services
  3. Enter the reader into a targeted email nurturing campaign that mirrors the topic of the article they initially clicked

When you reach out to any warm prospect, be sure to thank them for their interest in your email newsletter. This conversation-opener will help your prospects make a connection between the follow-up activity and the article they read.

One-on-one follow up emails can be used to set up a short meeting. You can leverage these meetings to explore the prospect’s level of interest in buying or selling a home.

You can also send a message to seek out fresh information from the prospect. Ask them if they read the article in order to achieve a particular goal and if you might be able to help them reach that goal.

Nurturing campaigns can also be used to continue nurturing prospects who seem to be “tire-kicking.” Make sure your follow-up communications are as professional as your email newsletter. These messages will continue to build a positive impression of your brand. They will be seen as the digital voice of your company. Even if your prospect doesn’t convert to a new client today, they may choose you at some point in the future.

Continue testing new subject lines and fresh content to keep readers interested in your communications. Follow-through is essential to the success of your marketing. Make sure you implement strategies to track, respond and manage engagement generated by your email newsletter.

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