Top 10 Real Estate Articles of 2019

Check out our list of the top 10 real estate articles of 2020

Top Article #1

6 Landscaping Ideas to Avoid Like the Plague

Don’t ruin your yard with bad landscaping. Make sure to avoid these landscaping blunders. Check out these valuable tips on making sure your grounds are up to Downton Abbey standards.

Number of Click-Throughs: 28,273

Top Article #2

6 Home Design Concepts That Stand the Test of Time

You want to add items to your home that you won’t have to replace once the trend has died out. Since redecorating is such a hassle and expensive, you should add pieces to your home that you know will stand the test of time.

Number of Click-Throughs: 14,762

Top Article #3

6 Kitchen Renovation Trends

Is your kitchen the welcoming and inviting heart of your home? Or do you feel it needs an upgrade? If you need some renovation ideas, check out these current kitchen trends that will make over your space.

Number of Click-Throughs: 14,722

Top Article #4

Are You Making Any of These 5 Organizing Mistakes?

You might think you’re doing the right things to keep your home organized, but there are some bad habits that many people fall victim to that will keep your house from ever being clutter-free. Learn about five organization mistakes you could be making.

Number of Click-Throughs: 13,978

Top Article #5

Where to Splurge and Where to Save on Home Improvements

It’s hard to know where your dollars are best spent when it comes to improving your home. There are even conflicting opinions out there about what upgrades offer the best ROI.

Number of Click-Throughs: 12,803

Top Article #6

How to Marie Kondo Your Kitchen

You may have heard of the Marie Kondo method for organizing, and we’re here to tell you that it works. Learn how you can make simple changes to your kitchen that will fill the space with joy.

Number of Click-Throughs: 12,653

Top Article #7

5 Smart Home Upgrades Worth the Money

Do you think adding smart technology to your house would be worth the money? It may give you the house of the future, today!

Number of Click-Throughs: 12,032

Top Article #8

The Quickest Ways to Upgrade Your Bathroom

Your bathroom should be a place of peace and relaxation, but if the space has outdated features, it can make it hard to unwind. Here is the quickest ways to upgrade your bathroom.

Number of Click-Throughs: 10,004

Top Article #9

The Myth of the 20% Down Payment

Conventional wisdom holds that you should put down 20% to buy a house. But this is not always necessary, or even wise.

Number of Click-Throughs: 9,501

Top Article #10

Simplify and Downsize in Your House

You don’t have to sell your home and move into a postage stamp-sized house to take advantage of the downsizing trend. There are easier ways to “go small.”

Number of Click-Throughs: 9,472

As in past years, home improvement dominated the list, with just one financial story.

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