HomeActions Announces an Exciting New e-Prospecting Feature

HomeActions Announces an Exciting New e-Prospecting FeatureHomeActions listens to its clients, and is always adding improvements to make its services even more successful in enhancing agents’ digital marketing ROI by generating new leads, listings, buyers and sales.

Real estate clients were asking for a way to send time-sensitive announcements, like new listings and open houses, in between their biweekly newsletter launches. HomeActions responded with a new feature: OnTarget email blasts.

With OnTarget, real estate agents can send important email messages to their entire databases anytime they want. They don’t have to wait until the next newsletter to get the word out on:

  • Open house events
  • New listings and virtual tours
  • Important market news and updates

And real estate agents don’t have to be tech gurus or design experts to use this system — HomeActions does all the heavy lifting:

  • OnTarget emails are preformatted to automatically include the graphics, website links, social media links and contact information from the agents’ e-newsletters.
  • Agents have the ability to format the body of the OnTarget email and edit it, adding whatever text, images, links and tables they want.
  • The HomeActions system will track every link in the body of the OnTarget email. Real estate agents don’t need to take additional steps to shorten links or add link-tracking metrics.
  • HomeActions filters out problem emails, ensuring that OnTarget emails will never launch to unsubscribed members or bad email addresses.
  • Clients can preview your OnTarget messages online or in their inboxes before they launch to their contacts.
  • OnTarget emails can be launched right away or scheduled to launch at a future date and time of the agents’ choosing.
  • Finally, OnTarget is an economical add-on with a high ROI, costing only $10 per month or $100 per year.

About HomeActions

HomeActions provides real estate agents with a complete e-prospecting system that significantly increases their repeat and referral business. HomeActions clients can set up handsomely designed e-newsletters branded with their photos and logos, and can even choose from a selection of specialty articles from the HomeActions custom library. Once the newsletters are sent out to the agents’ prospects, HomeActions provides actionable intelligence for its clients, letting them know which of the articles their readers are finding most engaging.

Top national real estate agencies have top-producing associates using HomeActions. Top producers know that HomeActions’ advanced technology and compelling content foster relationships with homeowners, building the agents’ repeat and referral business and getting them more listings, buyers and sales. More than 2 million consumers receive the HomeActions newsletter every two weeks.

HomeActions is headquartered in Green Cove Springs, Florida.

For more information, please visit our website www.HomeActions.net or contact Lee T. Sowers, SVP Sales and Marketing, at 908-910-0605 or Email.

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