Need an easier real estate marketing solution?

We have you covered. Here’s the simple answer for real estate agents seeking better digital marketing tools.

  • We’ll personally create a centralized email marketing database for you
  • We’ll deliver you warm leads
  • We’ll create all your email content for you
  • We’ll automatically launch your real estate newsletter twice a month
  • And much more…

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Tour A Real Estate Marketing Newsletter

What Your Real Estate Newsletter Can Do For You

Take a tour through the Real Estate newsletter example below and explore each of the features by clicking the icons below to learn more.

Real Estate Newsletter Samples From Other Agents

1. We Help With Design And Setup

Match your newsletter to your brand and make it all your own.

2. Neighborhood360

Read the minds of your entire sphere of influence by connecting with those who may be entering the market.

3. Interactive Content

HomeActions Interactive Content Features are designed to automatically drive leads right to you.

5. Contact Info

Your newsletter features a section that highlights your company contact information.

PLUS Hands-on Customer Support

Our Support Representatives (CSRs) will help you get your branded newsletter program customized just the way you want it.

We Build Your Database

We’ll work with you to collect and organize all your contacts into one centralized, trackable digital marketing database.

6. Built-In Links

The newsletter drives traffic to your web pages and social media.

7. Lead Trigger Articles

Lead Trigger Articles are specially designed and written to automatically alert you every time a buyer or seller is about to enter the market.

8. Library Of Articles To Choose From

HomeActions Content Library is your writer’s block solution. Our library is stocked with additional articles designed to generate leads and reach your target markets.

9. Banners

Choose banners from our fully stocked banner library.

A Complete REALTOR® Email Marketing System To Keep Your Pipeline Full

We do all the work for you so you look great while you reach your entire sphere of influence and generate new listings, buyers, and sales.

Simple, Automated Email Newsletters & Outstanding Customer Support

You don’t have time to become an online marketing expert. You’re looking for simple-to-use real estate marketing solutions equipped with easy tools and support. Yeah, we can help with that. We’ll be the email experts so you can keep selling real estate.

An Exclusive Marketing Database Built For You

You need a thriving referral pipeline, but your contacts are scattered across your phone, social media presences, personal and business email databases, and other sources. Don’t lift a finger. We’ll help you consolidate your contacts and create your own exclusive marketing database.

Articles Your Readers Love; Tools To Help You Stay In Touch

It’s imperative for you to stay in touch and give people a reason to keep reading your email communications, but you don’t have time to write. We’ll give you useful, engaging content that helps you stay top of mind with all of your contacts on a regular basis.

OnTarget Email Blast Feature

OnTarget is an email blast tool that allows you to send up to 10,000 email communications per month to your contacts between your regular newsletter launches, anytime you want.You won’t need to be an email designer or marketing genius to make OnTarget work. We’ll do the hard part for you.

DMZ Reports

Your DMZ report looks at critical aspects of digital marketing when using the HomeActions platform. Key statistics, such as number of contacts, open rates, click rates, and trigger articles as well as others, are blended together to develop an algorithm to called a DMZ-score.

Customizable, Branded Newsletters

The flexible design options in our system allow you to match your newsletter to your brand and make it all your own. Choose the colors, graphics, logos, headshots and other brand elements from your website or blog. If you don’t have a website, we can help you develop a new brand for you to build upon.


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HomeActions provides REALTORS® a complete e-Prospecting system that will significantly increase their repeat and referral business, generating more listings, buyers and sales. Our system electronically delivers current and compelling content of interest to all homeowners, not just those actively buying or selling their home. Our content rich system portrays the real estate agent as a genuine expert and homeowner’s advocate, making them the logical “go-to-REALTOR®” when it comes time to buy or sell. Agents from Coldwell-Banker, Prudential, Long & Foster and other national agencies are successfully using HomeActions.