The HomeActions Lead Activity Portal

More Leads. More Often. Less Effort.
It’s time to enter your new real estate lead portal.

Your Hub For Leads: The HomeActions Real Estate Lead Activity Portal

Our clients asked us to develop a centralized location for accessing their leads, and we listened.

Email marketing is an excellent way to drive leads to you, but we understand it can be a challenge to hunt down and track all your real estate email marketing leads.

That’s why we created the Lead Activity Portal to be your one-stop hub for lead tracking.

Now you can track, manage and respond to your leads all from one area of your email marketing platform. You’ll also get automated lead alerts sent to you via email or text message alerting you every time you get a new lead.

Access Real Estate Lead Activity
I have been involved with HomeActions since October 2016. I would highly recommend them to any agent, new or seasoned, to give them a try. So far, I have received a $200,000 buyer and a listing. I am looking forward to more good, qualified leads. Thanks! Beverly J. Woodford

Woodford Contemporary Real Estate

Every Lead From Your Real Estate Email Marketing In One Place

HomeActions Real Estate Lead Portal
All leads generated by HomeActions email newsletter article clicks, lead alert activity, survey responses and interactive content can be easily located from one go-to portal.

Plus, we email or text you when new leads come in so you’re always updated on new potential clients.

Central Location For Leads

Enter the Lead Activity Portal in your HomeActions Dashboard and connect with leads generated by surveys, click-through alerts, Interactive Content and Lead Trigger Articles.

Automated Lead Alerts

Every time one of your contacts becomes a warm lead, we send you detailed instant (or daily) alerts with an overview of what information was accessed, who the person is and how to reach each of them.

Instant Contact With Leads

You can contact your new warm leads right away while you are in your Lead Activity Portal. Plus, you have the ability to record your interactions using CRM tools build into the platform.
Sample Real Estate Marketing Email Newsletter
I signed up for the HomeActions newsletter almost a year ago, and the response from my clients has been incredible. I’ve had two sales directly related to the HomeActions newsletter and a lot of positive feedback. The internal support is excellent; your sales team has been so helpful and informative. HomeActions is a fantastic marketing tool. I highly recommend this service! Leslee Winston

Broker Associate, Benoit Mizner Simon & Co. Real Estate

How We’re Generating Easy Leads For You

Real Estate Leads Automated Through Email Marketing

Lead Trigger Articles

Every newsletter launched by the HomeActions platform automatically includes unique Lead Trigger Articles in the very first article slot.

These articles give you the crystal ball you’ve been looking for. They have been designed and written to pique the interest of potential buyers and sellers. Click-through activity on these articles gives you an automatic warm lead, or at a minimum a conversation starter.

We’ll email or text you in real time when your readers click on these articles, plus we save all your Lead Trigger Article click-through data in your Lead Activity Portal.

We also give you the ability to turn ANY article you want (even your own custom articles) into a Lead Trigger Article with one simple step.

Real Estate Client Leads Generated By Interactive Content

Interactive Content Leads

Another way we put your lead generation strategy on auto-pilot is through Interactive Content like our Neighborhood360 feature.

With the Neighborhood360 feature integrated right into your email newsletter, you’ll always know when one of your contacts is interested in learning about a local neighborhood while researching properties.

This email marketing tool helps you read the minds of your readers and connect with meaningful warm leads.

This content is more than just an article, and readers can access their interactive options by completing a form. You’ll get notified in real time (or in a daily digest) every time your readers complete the form. Plus, you can also follow up with every Interactive Content lead through your Lead Activity.

Leads From Article Surveys

Every HomeActions article contains a survey in the closing. When readers interact with your built-in article surveys, you get new leads for follow-up. Viewing your survey responses through your Lead Activity Portal shows:

  • Which questions are being answered
  • Who is responding to your surveys
  • Which articles your readers are responding to

Your Lead Activity Portal also gives you the opportunity to reach out and follow up on survey response with one click to the orange email icon on the far right side of your portal.

Access Survey Responses from Real Estate Newsletter Leads

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