CurbCall Integration with HomeActions Real Estate Newsletters

The HomeActions platform integrates CurbCall ConnectTM with your newsletter so your contacts can reach you directly when they become interested in a property.

Example Of CurbCall's Integration With HomeActions Real Estate Newsletters

CurbCall connects you with real estate prospects interested in buying or researching a property or consumers who just want to talk to a professional.

Imagine a world where your newsletter readers could connect with you instantly to communicate interest in a specific property, and also gain immediate access to information about the property and surrounding area.

HomeActions has integrated CurbCall Connect into our platform to make that world a reality for you and your readers.

Plus integrated message alert functions text or email you with detailed alerts if you can’t connect right away because you’re busy helping other clients.

CurbCall And HomeActions Help You Connect With Real Estate Prospects Instantly

Simple Solutions To Help Real Estate Agents Quickly Connect With Their Sphere Of Influence

When someone in your sphere of influence receives your real estate email newsletter, they can connect with you instantly with the touch of a button.

Here’s how it works:


1. Get your own branded HomeActions newsletter.


2. Download the CurbCall Connect app to your smart phone.


3. "Go Available" with a simple swipe.


4. Your HomeActions newsletter readers can now see when you're available and "Connect Now" through the application.

Drive Even More Real Estate Connections Right To You In The Digital Age

You’ll also have the ability to share your Connect Now link on all your online resources to get additional leads. This feature works the same way as your CurbCall integrated newsletter landing page. It’s essentially a unique, branded web page we create for you so all your online prospects (not just your newsletter readers) can immediately connect with you while you’re logged into the app. When you’re logged out, you’ll receive detailed alerts so you can follow up on your leads whenever you become available.

Add A Connect Now Link To Your Website


Add A Connect Now Link In Your Email Signatures


Add A Connect Now Link To New Listing Messages


Add A Connect Now Link To Your Social Networks

Agents will be better prepared to connect with members of the millennial generation seeking first-time home-ownership with resources like instant digital access, text message capabilities and online research tools.

Detailed Reporting, Lead Tracking & Follow-up Tools Help Agents Track And Manage Connections

The HomeActions Dashboard gives you an overview of all your connections and equips you to follow up with any missed contacts right from within one platform. The HomeActions CRM tools even give you the ability to create messages, tasks and notes associated with each contact. With these easy reporting features and CRM tools, you’ll everything you need to quickly respond to missed connection requests and stay on top of all your connections.
CurbCall HomeActions Integration With Detailed Reporting And Follow Up CRM Tools

PLUS Neighborhood360 Offers Detailed Property And Neighborhood Information For Your Real Estate Prospects

The CurbCall Integration With HomeActions Included Neighborhood360 Giving Readers Detailed Property Information

Add HomeActions Neighborhood360 Reports To Start Offering Detailed Property & Neighborhood Information For All Of Your Real Estate Prospects

We also give your contacts the option to access a detailed report about any property that interests them. We’ll send you a detailed email alerting you every time one of your contacts accesses Neighborhood360. This interactive feature, called Neighborhood360, gives comprehensive information about a property and surrounding area.

Neighborhood360 is a part of your CurbCall HomeActions integration package and is provided at no additional cost.

Never miss out on an opportunity to immediately connect with your real estate prospects!

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