zipLogix, HomeActions, Onboard Informatics and CurbCall Create Integration to Give Real Estate Agents an Edge

Just Listed Marketing Services Mockup

This is a conceptualized preview of what a Just Listed template may look like when it is fully developed.

HomeActions LLC has signed agreements with zipLogix™, Onboard Informatics, and CurbCall to create a new product called Just Listed Service. This product empowers agents to get their “Just Listed” properties in front of potential buyers ahead of competitors. Each company will be applying technology to an email solution that will help them come to market faster than ever and provide unique communication and property information.

Users of zipForm®, zipLogix™’s electronic forms software, must sign up for a HomeActions account if they wish to utilize the Just Listed marketing service. Through zipForm®, agents and brokers can access HomeActions’ collection of marketing tools and services including email campaigns and templates that are branded to the real estate professional. zipForm® users will also have access to HomeActions’ monthly newsletter, which they can customize to their brand and send to their clients.

The integrated CurbCall Connect™ feature will enable potential homebuyers to contact the agent directly via text messaging or phone calls. The data-driven engagement system from Onboard Informatics engages prospects with elegant property reports featuring the critical information real estate consumers care about.

Barry J. Friedman, CEO of HomeActions, LLC

Barry J. Friedman, CEO of HomeActions, LLC

“With this arrangement, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts,” said Barry Friedman, CEO and co-founder of HomeActions. “Real estate agents will get the best of all worlds: the extraordinary efficiency of the zipForm® transaction management system, the powerful contact features of CurbCall, neighborhood information from AddressReport and the database and communication system that comes with HomeActions.”

About HomeActions

HomeActions LLC is a digital marketing and lead generation solution with compelling content for real estate agents. The HomeActions platform provides automated prospecting, marketing and communications delivered bi-weekly via email to a professional’s sphere of influence (SOI). HomeActions professionally written articles portray agents as trusted advisors looking out for readers’ interests by helping them care for the biggest investment in their lives. With instant lead access, CRM capabilities, and robust reporting and metrics, the system has the capability to generate real-time leads and top-of-mind awareness while nurturing relationships that lead to long-term success and more referrals. HomeActions is a virtual company that employs more than 35 people and is headquartered in Green Cove Springs, Florida.

About zipLogix™

zipLogix™, creators of zipForm®, is a technology company working for real estate professionals to improve productivity and efficiency industry-wide. Its software automates and simplifies the repetitive and complex steps of real estate transactions, and is used by more than 650,000 real estate professionals across the country.

About CurbCall

Founded by veteran real estate professionals, Boston-based Curb Call Inc. develops innovative technology for real estate agents. Its CurbCall Connect on-demand lead routing platform offers the built-in intelligence to instantly connect consumers with agents available to serve them now, plus reporting and analytics for accountability.

About Onboard Informatics

Onboard Informatics is a leader in data-driven consumer engagement. Founded in 2002, Onboard uses data on all 150 million US properties and their immediate areas to create sales opportunities for some of the largest companies in real estate, technology and publishing. For more information on what data-driven engagement can do for your business visit

HomeActions and IndustryNewsletters Announce Major Improvements to E-Newsletters

HomeActions and its IndustryNewsletters division announce Version 3 of their exclusive e-newsletter product, putting it on the cutting edge of the e-newsletter industry. The companies provide professionally written articles and a system that lets a range of professionals send out e-newsletters to clients and prospects. They primarily serve real estate professionals, payroll companies, accounting firms and estate planning attorneys.

With Version 3, the newsletter system becomes even more customizable and user-friendly. Among the improvements:

  • A more contemporary look for the user interface, and a better design for tablets and smartphones.
  • A cleaner and more functional client dashboard that shows readership stats at a glance.
  • A completely revamped image system that lets users choose among three different sizes of images to put into their newsletters.
  • A smoother, more intuitive system to allow users to add their own content to company-provided content.
  • The ability to easily remove company-provided content and replace it with an article from extensive article libraries available to users.
  • The addition of a completely new Web banner library so users can easily find and post banners to make their newsletters even more useful.

And as always, help is just a click away. The system comes with an easy-to-use, automated help feature that lets users follow along step by step as the tool gives interactive answers to questions.

Barry J. Friedman, CEO of HomeActions, LLC

Barry J. Friedman, CEO of HomeActions, LLC

Barry Friedman, CPA, founder and CEO of HomeActions and IndustryNewsletters, said, “Our clients are busy and successful professionals, and they want a system that lets them communicate with their clients with perfect ease while providing sophisticated options — without any hassle. That has always been our goal, and with Version 3 our system is even better than ever.”

About HomeActions and IndustryNewsletters

IndustryNewsletters and HomeActions were founded by Barry Friedman, CPA, who managed many CPA firms for over 25 years and subsequently sold them to American Express. He then created BizActions LLC, which became the largest marketing e-newsletter company for CPA firms and payroll companies, and he sold that to Thomson Reuters in 2012. He has over 15 years’ experience in the email newsletter space.

HomeActions and IndustryNewsletters are virtual companies that employ more than 30 people. Both are headquartered in Green Cove Springs, Florida.

For more information, please visit our websites, and, or contact Richard J. Koreto, chief content officer, at 845-642-4314 or Email.

A Teachable Moment: Wildfires in Western States Are a Wake-Up Call for All Homeowners and an Opportunity for Realtors

An estimated 30,000 residents have fled their homes, and the western area wildfires have consumed over 1,000 residences. Many of these homeowners are now trying to piece together their possessions, bit by bit. It is estimated that nine out of 10 consumers who lost their homes did not have a current home inventory of all their possessions and home improvements. HomeActions President Albert Clark commented, “The loss of one’s home is traumatic enough, but now they have to go through the process of filling out insurance papers on what was destroyed, what it cost and where it was all purchased. The stage is set for lots of under-reporting and smaller insurance claims.”

Homeowners outside the disaster areas can learn from this tragedy and construct an entire home inventory of all contents and the physical structure. Homeowners and renters should be prepared for any type of home disaster, flood, fire or burglary.

HomeActions and Agents: Delivering the Message. HomeActions has uncovered the best-in-class (and free) home inventory system provided by the nonprofit Insurance Information Institute ( Agents are promoting the home inventory resource in their biweekly HomeActions e-Newsletter that goes out to all the agents’ past clients, prospects and friends.

About HomeActions

HomeActions provides real estate agents with an end-to-end e-prospecting system. It involves building the agent’s database into a pipeline that is nurtured and protected (exclusive). HomeActions does it all for the agent who lacks the time, the systems and the engaging content. HomeActions currently delivers 4.2 million highly branded newsletters every month.

HomeActions is:

  • A Business Solutions Provider with the Leading Real Estate Companies of the World.
  • A Business Benefits Program Member with Century 21 Real Estate.
  • A Business Advantage Program Member with Coldwell Banker Real Estate.
  • A Select Services Member with ERA Real Estate. An Approved Supplier with Better Home and Gardens Real Estate.

HomeActions is headquartered in Green Cove Springs, Florida. For more information, please visit our website,, or contact Richard J. Koreto, Chief Content Officer, at 845-642-4314 or through email. You can also contact Albert Clark, HomeActions President, at 570-510-3507 or through email.

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HomeActions Now Nurturing 2 Million Relationships for Agent/Subscribers

HomeActions Now Nurturing 2 Million Relationships for Agent/SubscribersHomeActions, an e-prospecting and client relationship service, announced it is now delivering timely, relevant news and widgets to 2 million consumers every two weeks.

HomeActions creates, delivers and tracks e-newsletters that are produced on behalf of 5,000 real estate agents. These highly branded and actionable reports include HomeActions’ compelling content but also can deliver agent-specific news such as new listings, open houses and local market reports. HomeActions works with its clients to securely upload all their contacts.

Once the newsletters are sent out, HomeActions provides actionable intelligence for its clients, letting them know which of the articles their readers find most engaging. Email addresses, once entered, become exclusive to the agent entering them.

“I’m thrilled to see us growing so fast,” said HomeActions founder and CEO Barry J. Friedman. “It shows not only that real estate agents are eager for high-quality newsletters to send out, but also that the readers clearly find the information we provide engaging and actionable.”

About HomeActions

HomeActions provides real estate agents with an end-to-end e-prospecting system. It involves building the agent’s database into a pipeline that is nurtured and protected (exclusive). HomeActions does it all for the agent who lacks the time, the systems and the engaging content.


  • A Business Solutions Provider with Leading Real Estate Companies of the World
  • A Business Benefits Program Member with Century 21 Real Estate
  • A Business Advantage Program Member with Coldwell Banker Real Estate
  • A Select Services Member with ERA Real Estate and
  • An Approved Supplier with Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate

HomeActions is headquartered in Green Cove Springs, Florida. For more information, please visit our website,, or contact Richard J. Koreto, Chief Content Officer, at 845-642-4314 or Email.

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HomeActions Announces an Exciting New e-Prospecting Feature

HomeActions Announces an Exciting New e-Prospecting FeatureHomeActions listens to its clients, and is always adding improvements to make its services even more successful in enhancing agents’ digital marketing ROI by generating new leads, listings, buyers and sales.

Real estate clients were asking for a way to send time-sensitive announcements, like new listings and open houses, in between their biweekly newsletter launches. HomeActions responded with a new feature: OnTarget email blasts.

With OnTarget, real estate agents can send important email messages to their entire databases anytime they want. They don’t have to wait until the next newsletter to get the word out on:

  • Open house events
  • New listings and virtual tours
  • Important market news and updates

And real estate agents don’t have to be tech gurus or design experts to use this system — HomeActions does all the heavy lifting:

  • OnTarget emails are preformatted to automatically include the graphics, website links, social media links and contact information from the agents’ e-newsletters.
  • Agents have the ability to format the body of the OnTarget email and edit it, adding whatever text, images, links and tables they want.
  • The HomeActions system will track every link in the body of the OnTarget email. Real estate agents don’t need to take additional steps to shorten links or add link-tracking metrics.
  • HomeActions filters out problem emails, ensuring that OnTarget emails will never launch to unsubscribed members or bad email addresses.
  • Clients can preview your OnTarget messages online or in their inboxes before they launch to their contacts.
  • OnTarget emails can be launched right away or scheduled to launch at a future date and time of the agents’ choosing.
  • Finally, OnTarget is an economical add-on with a high ROI, costing only $10 per month or $100 per year.

About HomeActions

HomeActions provides real estate agents with a complete e-prospecting system that significantly increases their repeat and referral business. HomeActions clients can set up handsomely designed e-newsletters branded with their photos and logos, and can even choose from a selection of specialty articles from the HomeActions custom library. Once the newsletters are sent out to the agents’ prospects, HomeActions provides actionable intelligence for its clients, letting them know which of the articles their readers are finding most engaging.

Top national real estate agencies have top-producing associates using HomeActions. Top producers know that HomeActions’ advanced technology and compelling content foster relationships with homeowners, building the agents’ repeat and referral business and getting them more listings, buyers and sales. More than 2 million consumers receive the HomeActions newsletter every two weeks.

HomeActions is headquartered in Green Cove Springs, Florida.

For more information, please visit our website or contact Lee T. Sowers, SVP Sales and Marketing, at 908-910-0605 or Email.

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HomeActions Acquires ContactDirect

securityactions_macbook1HomeActions, the Power e-Prospecting System™ used by the nation’s top Realtors®, has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire newsletter company, Houston.

Closing of the acquisition is expected approximately Feb. 1, 2015. “The acquisition brings an expanded customer base to HomeActions, which our platform can easily manage,” said Barry Friedman, CEO of HomeActions. When the acquisition is complete, HomeActions will be sending approximately 4.0 million newsletters monthly on behalf of more than 5,000 Realtors®.

ContactDirect President Dan Davila will join HomeActions as a consultant, ensuring a smooth transition as ContactDirect customers migrate to the HomeActions Power e-Prospecting System ™.

Additional services ContactDirect customers will gain from the HomeActions platform include:

  1. Targeted content of interest to real estate niche customers including luxury, second home, investor, urban and condo.
  2. Trigger content that alerts Realtors® when someone in their sphere of interest is contemplating buying or selling.
  3. Ability to add their own content – up to six items including blogs, videos and features highlighting listings, sales and local market data.
  4. Exclusivity (other agents cannot email HomeActions to your customers).
  5. Custom newsletters for commercial and mortgage professionals.
  6. A Customer Support department open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. EST 7 days per week.
  7. No monthly limits on the number of email addresses Realtors® can add.

“HomeActions holds itself to the highest standards when it comes to business integrity, product quality and customer support,” Davila said. “I believe HomeActions will help my clients get to the next step in their growth plans.”

New Version 2.0 = Powerful Prospecting

New Version of HomeActions 2 Point 0 Equals Powerful ProspectingHomeActions has enhanced its powerful e-prospecting platform to give you 200+ new articles targeting the most common real estate niches as well as automatic article trigger alerts that tell you when a client is poised to enter the real estate market.

Agents can set article triggers so they’re automatically alerted in real time when a viewer clicks on featured listings, virtual tours, open houses or one of the content library articles created by HomeActions.

“These new additions to the professionally written HomeActions content provided in every edition will bring users more listings, buyers and sales,” said CEO Barry Friedman. HomeActions professionally written content has some of the highest open rates in the industry along with low unsubscribe rates.

The new Content Library articles can appear in any order and you can add your own local content to feature their open houses, listings, video tours, blog posts and commentaries.

Trigger and Target article topics include:

  • Home Buying
  • Home Selling
  • Vacation Home Buying
  • Vacation Home Selling
  • Investment Real Estate
  • Luxury
  • First-time Home-buyers
  • Condos and Co-ops
  • Shore Homes
  • Urban
  • 55+ Communities
  • Investment Property Management

Additional Enhancements Include:

  • Redesigned User Interface to work across more devices including iPads and Android tablets.
  • Added search menu to article list page to make content easier to find.
  • New dashboard layout with detailed summary graphs and faster access to data.
  • Simplified scheduling of articles – now schedule on same page.
  • Ability to quickly filter and sort member list.
  • Improved sorting when reviewing your uploaded members in spreadsheets.
  • Improved layout of images makes it easy to find that perfect image.
  • Completely redesigned images and banners modules to make additions easy.
  • More filtering options for images and banners to make easier to find the image you want.
  • Simplified the navigation by combining like items into singular menus.
  • Redesigned the Newsletter Settings module to make it more user friendly.

HomeActions e-Newsletter Reaches More Than 1.1 Million Consumers

Real estate agents send the HomeActions e-newsletter twice a month to consumers within their sphere of influence to keep themselves top-of-mind when customers are ready to buy or sell a home.

“Agents find the HomeActions e-newsletter easy to use because it doesn’t require technical skills to get it set up and mailed out,” says HomeActions CEO Barry Friedman. “We upload email lists, write engaging news that homeowners can use and automatically mail an e-newsletter every two weeks, sending 2.2 million e-newsletters monthly.”

The e-newsletter positions the real estate agent as a genuine expert in:

  • Maximizing home value
  • Local real estate conditions
  • Homeowner advocacy

HomeActions’ clients are also able to customize the top article space in each issue to highlight local market news and observations, further building their credibility and highlighting their industry experience.

The e-newsletter’s flexible design options let Realtors® match the colors, graphics, logos and photographs of their independent or franchise brand.

While the e-newsletter is reaching more than 1.1 million unique consumers, exclusivity agreements prevent more than one agent from emailing the same customer.

The engaging HomeActions content focuses on maximizing home value, including home improvements and maintenance, consumer finance, taxes, insurance, décor, safety, community living issues and green living.

To maximize their visibility, agents can post the newsletter’s articles to social media sites with a single click.

Reporting analytics show how many e-newsletters are sent, who opened the issue, which articles they clicked on and when articles were read.

About HomeActions

HomeActions provides Realtors® a complete e-prospecting system to generate repeat and referral business, creating more listings, buyers and sales. The HomeActions system electronically delivers current, engaging e-newsletter content of interest to all homeowners, not just those actively buying or selling a home.